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Prospective Guests

Prospective guests will be in full time ministry as pastors, church staff, missionaries or other ministry callings. They can email at info@aqpretreat.org to determine an available date and then download and complete the Application for Sabbatical by clicking on this link. AQP_Application. After AQP receives and reviews the application, prospective guests will be scheduled for their sabbatical and will be sent information that will help them prepare for their stay.


AQP can accommodate up to four couples or singles for each sabbatical. However, guests are generally scheduled to be by themselves unless they request that another sabbatical guest join them during their stay. During the week, guests will enjoy a leisurely-paced self-directed program that can include relaxation, reading, prayer, available self-studies, hiking, and solitude to nurture and strengthen each individual and his/her relationship with Jesus Christ.



  • Guests generally arrive at AQP on Sunday evening to begin their five-day complimentary sabbatical that concludes on Friday by noon.

  • The flexible five-day self-directed program can include relaxation, reading, prayer, available self-studies, hiking, and solitude.

  • Participants will have unstructured time and freedom from daily responsibilities, thus allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them through a daily agenda.

  • Food is provided for guests to prepare and enjoy meals on their own schedule.

  • AQP’s goal is that guests will complete the sabbatical feeling refreshed and closely connected with God—ready to continue serving Him with a renewed and balanced lifestyle.

​Important Notes

  • Guests’ participation in the self-directed sabbatical (averaging 4-6 hours daily) will satisfy IRS continuing education requirements and will allow guests to attend free of charge without tax penalty.

  • Guests will be required to complete a two-page evaluation form to provide useful feedback and to document their activities for IRS purposes.

  • Married couples are strongly encouraged to share this sabbatical. We are unable to accommodate children.

  • Smoking, alcohol, hunting, pets, and solicitation are not allowed at AQP.

  • Disclaimer: AQP is not staffed to provide professional counseling services.